There are many other characteristics that make successful business leaders.

When I began to investigate the question of what makes a business leader a true success, it seemed like there were many to list! Although I realize that there are many things you can group together, I decided to let my mind run wild and write down what I thought. These are the next three characteristics I […]

How to Become an Effective and Strong Leader

What does it really mean for a leader to have meaningful strength and learn how to use that to make an impact on the organization and all its stakeholders? This isn’t about power or ability. It refers to moral, ethical, and meaningful Mike McGahan CLV Group that makes others better and focuses on how to […]

Necklaces from the Renaissance Period

The Renaissance was born in Italy in the 1300’s. It spread to England, France and Germany in the 1400’s, ending in the early 1600’s. This movement was regarded as a revival of ancient literature, art, and philosophy. These three areas of ancient Rome and Greece were studied by the Europeans, who became great scholars and artists and […]